About Allan & Rose


Born in Adelaide on 29th June 1944. Allan

Amongst other things, Allan was educated to degree level in Engineering. His engineering career was mostly in the oil industry and in consulting

He ispassionate about Sustainable Design, Permaculture and Off Grid Living


RoseBorn in Adelaide on 14thSeptember 1946.

Rose has a strong Business and Survival background, Event Management and a passion for the Great Outdoors.

She leads a healthy active lifestyle

Allan & Rose:

Allan & Rose, rolling up their sleeves ready to ‘get into it’

“Hitched” on December 29th 1965, and during their 50 years of marriage, they have never had a fight – lol.

Their togetherness has resulted in the following:

  • Two wonderful children, Linda & Damian and their partners Markus and Alison
  • Five grandchildren varying in age from 26 to 3mths; Daniel, Aisha, Nicholas, Levi & Lucien.
  • Four great grandchildren; Zari, Lexi, Jaya and Emerson.

And lastly, and by no means least, we have a desire to voice our thoughts on Zero Carbon, Sustainability, Organic Food production, ‘Off Grid’ living, and supporting family, friends and our local community. NOT on a political platform, BUT as an expression of our convictions through our actions and example.

Some will love us….. others will despise us. However, we will be an open book making it very easy for anyone who seeks a sustainable and healthy future.