The Authorities:

All I can say is that the authorities we have worked with have been extremely supportive – extremely. Several even suggested “tell ’em as little as possible; disguise what you are doing!”

ApprovalsMany suggested that for such an ‘odd ball’ project as ‘An EarthShip’, we would have difficulty in getting approval:
• Using used car tyres?
• Using wood and glass from a wrecking yard?
• Using beer bottles and cans?
• Cutting up discarded polystyrene fruit boxes?
• Off Grid?

Several even suggested “tell ’em as little as possible; disguise what you are doing!”

However our aim is to help pave the way into a new paradigm of low energy use, zero carbon, self-sufficient living. Thus delving into deception and short cuts doesn’t fit into our ethos of honesty and integrity and could lead to controversy and antagonism. Some early EarthShip builds have been forcibly demolished through deceptive practices or non-approvals.

So we made a conscious decision to tell the whole and complete story about our project. If approvals were to take longer or be held up, delayed, so be it! We also knew that once approval was granted, the “ship” would have clear sailing ahead.

And to our surprise and joy, the Yankalilla Council and the EPA have been wonderful to work with, and most encouraging.


IncredibleNo ……..We are convinced this is how we all need to work together in synergy for the good of all persons, and for the sustainability of the environment.


Council The Yankalilla Council:

We prepared a detailed Business Plan in the form of a Power Point presentation. After making an appointment we visited the council, and laid it all out before the Planning Officer, Ms Kirsty Tapp.

We were delighted with the welcome Kirsty gave us, and the support and encouraging response we received.

We have also had discussion with Ms Amber Nancarrow, the Economic & Tourism Development Leader regarding possible options for developing The Plentiful Barn Property.

Both Kirsty and Amber have been a delight to work with, and have offered us a wonderfully encouraging open book relationship. It is a pleasure to work with these ladies and glean their suggestions and advice.

We are now convinced that our project will flow smoothly, in synergy and to the benefit of all parties involved.

EPA The EPA(The Environment Protection Authority)

After some concern about approval to use one of the EarthShip major construction materials, used auto tyres, we approached the EPA. We made contact with Mr Martin Blunt – Senior Advisor Waste Management – and as it turns out, we were very pleased to find that the EPA wants to help creative individuals in responsibly recycling problem waste products.

Here again, we found that presenting full details of our proposal before the relevant person – Mr Martin Blunt – has been encouraging and very beneficial.

Responsible recycling to minimise the Environmental Impact is major on the EPA’s agenda. Accordingly, they have demonstrated that they arekeen to explore proposals that will do just this.

Once our proposal was on the table, the approval for the use of used tyres was virtually assured. Coordination with council requirements is all that is required.

How great it is to work in synergy with people like Martin, who is very open mindedand responsive in offering us suggestions, and all the while guiding us through the framework of EPA requirements. Thank you Martin!

Council Building Approval:

Planning and design detail is given in the design section above. It is here that you will see and understand the ‘thinking’ process that is responsible for seeing EarthShip Fleurieu become a Living Entity.And this has led to the development of the formal approach to the YankalillaCouncil.

In this section we will focus primarily on gaining ‘Council’ approval.


As yet we are still preparing our final plans for Council approval. We have had preliminary discussions with the Yankalilla Council Planning Department, and they indicate that we should be given the clear go-ahead to build “EarthShip Fleurieu”.

Once we are advanced in the process we will update this section.