With your “Old Stuff” we can build the Ship

imgScene No 1.

• You have finished with it
• It is surplus to your needs
• or it just doesn’t fit!
It has served you well and you are wondering what to do with it next.


Scene No 2.

The materials you have been holding on to “just in case” …..orimg2 because “I’m sure I’ll find a use for that someday” have finally got the better of you. The shed (yard, spare room, storage container) must be cleared out.

It is ‘tidy up’ time

It’s ‘declutter’ time

It is ‘simplify my life’ time


Those pre-loved items are exactly what we would love to recycle building EarthShip Fleurieu and in The Plentiful Barn project.

Don’t trash it.

Pass those pre-loved gems on to us, allow them a second chance at life and another copious dose of TLC.

Further, you will be helping us to reduce CO2 and Green House gas emissions.

By now you would have read our Vision & Mission and hopefully understand that we are taking a stand to recycle the maximum possible material in building a pristine living facility and an organic working farm for the community to see as a new model of living; how to live a sustainable life.

Your contribution of preloved, surplus materials will be so appreciated. We would love to acknowledge your help in this exciting initiative.

If you are excited and optimistic about life, are looking forward to a fully sustainable future, are excited about and identify with our ideals of Off Grid, Green living, the Organic and Bio-Dynamic Farming and leaving a ZERO CARBON Footprint, come and be part of the project by letting us be the next custodian of those precious materials that once served you so well.

You definitely can help!

What ever you have in any area below – Materials, Assistance and Cash – we would love to hear from you.


Fuel, fixings, some specialized building materials, food and supplies for Volunteers and more must be paid for in cash.

It is our desire to use recycled materials where ever we can.

Add you heart and support to this fabulous project. Your help makes a serious difference. The tender love and care with which you donate, join or contribute in any way will bless the project, bless the users, bless the volunteers, and leave you with the wonderful feeling and knowledge that you have added to this worthwhile project


Yes, I am excited about the project and eager to contribute;


I would love to join the project as a member YES
I am pleased to donate to this wonderful cause YES
I have redundant materials that I will gladly contribute YES
I have useful skills and would love to volunteer my time YES
I just want to be involved and will volunteer to do whatever needs to be done YES