Greetings friends …

What an amazing journey we are on, heading towards the fulfillment of what we see as an exciting yet noble cause.

The land we had in our sites and indeed longed for, is now ours ….a blank canvas awaiting our caring and creative hearts and hands and those of our family, friends, sponsors and willing workers.

The journey will be the destination as we live our dream of creating fully sustainable living and impart what we know and learn to others along the way.

We will now create our rustic, peaceful and beautiful temporary living space which will be home for us as we create our fully ‘off the grid’ EarthShipFleurieu’. What an exciting adventure. We are looking forward, with hearts and minds wide open, to exquisite views of our beautiful Fleurieu coast and rolling hills, tilling the ground and planting our crops and trees and acquiring animals, bees and fish …… and the list goes on.
Please stay tuned ….. this is only the beginning …..