What I want to focus on here is the philosophy behind our Costing & Budget.

We want to maximise the use of recycled materials and build with support from our EarthShip friends. To do this my time will not necessarily be built into the project as we want the costing to represent what YOU can do to build your own EarthShip.

Many recycled materials are Free, but often require a disproportionate amount of labour. If your build is a labour of love, as ours is, you don’t have to approach the bank for a loan to pay for it.

Dollars and SenseWe are not operating under the ‘false’ economics that the Banks and Corporations would force upon us.
What we are talking about is “Worth” or “Value”. What is the worth that YOU place on your “wellness”, living a Healthy Enjoyable Lifestyle, being Ecologically Friendly to the Environment, contributing to a Carbon Zero existence of humanity? Do they have a bank adjudged value? These do not add up in dollars and Cents!

Needless to say, there is cost involved in Dollars & Cents. And we want this project to make Cents ( Sense )in your ‘outside of the square’ thinking. We want this type of living to be affordable to all humanity who are adverse to being controlled by Governments, Banks and Corporations.

Thus, once we have meaningful cost data, we will share with you the actual expenditure on every contribution towards EarthShip Fleurieu.