Cost Savings The very act of DIY (Do It Yourself) infers cost savings.

However, you must understand your earnings cost structure before launching full bore into DIY

Of course, there are other good reasons for DIY.

Regardless of Earnings and Cost structure, going DIY imparts TLC (Tender Love & Care) into the project. With TLC comes immense satisfaction from imparting your effort and personality into your “Ship”. Further, doing it yourself ensures that the project is unique, exactly as you want, and to your personal taste.

Should you DIY or Not?

If you can pay someone less than you are earning it may be better to pay others to build your ship. The breakeven point will depend on your income. Example: if you arepaying a trades person around $50 /hr, you will need to be earning around $75 / hr.

Why so much gap?…………. Because you earn in BEFORE TAX dollars, and you pay the Tradie with AFTER TAX dollars!

Back to Cost savings.

  • You can save a considerable amount of money by designing the ‘ship’ yourself. However, this does require some skills and it may be a tad more difficult to get the building approval through Council.

There is professional help available to assist in this area.Cost Savings 2

A combination of;

  • you giving lots of details and requirements,
  • and a design drafts person completing the design and putting it in a ‘council friendly’ format, offers reasonable savings.

This, especially if you are the owner builder, has the added value of ensuring you understand every aspect of the building and how it is to be put together.

  • You can ‘project manage’ your build. A project manager comes at between 10 & 15% of the build cost. Doing it yourself will save that. Unless you are thorough, doing it yourself may slow the project. However, with dedication it is not too daunting a task.

In my case I have an engineering background somanaging the project will come relatively easy.

  • You can do the work yourself.
 Cost Savings 3 Certainly saves heaps, around 30% of the project cost, but may slow down the project.

In our ‘Ship’ I, with Rose’s help, will be doing a reasonable amount of the work.

We will appreciate the TLC and satisfaction component, and as a retiree, I come much “cheaper” than most tradies.

  • Call on Family and Friends
Certainly don’t expect them to spends weeks onsite, but as families do, when a concerted effort is needed they chip in. During special high intensity operations this option can be very helpful. But don’t forget to provide a good supply of food and drinks  Cost Savings 4
  • Use heaps of recycled materials. Their cost is often zero and low at worst, but getting the material into a usable form will incur labour. You will have to balance out your time &the value you place on your labour to make the decision on using ‘recycle’.
 Cost Savings 5 Of course recycling should be done for ecological reasons, and that is why we are choosing to maximize the use of recycled material.

The “Ship” is part of our expression of concern about the environment, and the requirement to minimize our Carbon Footprint will always override cost.

  • Arrange support from Sponsors. A few will simply sponsor you because they are committed to your ideals and philosophy. However, a ‘win/win’ situation is best, where you provide some extraordinary value in return for the sponsors help. You then earn the right to their support.
With support you may be able to effectively reduce the outlay on the goods and service that are impractical for you to do yourself.  Cost Savings 6
  • Call for help. Regularly, many individuals are keen to support a project that is eco-friendly. There are many reasons why they will be interested to come along side you:
  • It can be as an act of love for them, as they fully support the notion of doing good for the community, the environment and the planet
  • They may see this as an opportunity to learn the skills to build their own “ship”in the future.
  • They may love the country environment and the camaraderie. Thus they may contribute in return for food, friendship and accommodation.

Cost Savings 7