The EarthShip function is heavily dependent on the south facing** earth Berms, and the roof being insulated to avoid both the heat ingress during summer and the “cold” ingress during winter. ** south facing in the southern hemisphere.

Insulation is readily available at very little cost for the innovative Recycling DIYer. Most ‘cold’ food and medical supplies are packed in ‘one use’ polystyrene packaging. Once the food or supplies are unloaded the user has to dispose of the containers. Most are dumped, offloaded to residential users, or sent to a recycler for reprocessing (granulating and transporting to china for reprocessing)

This is a cost to the user.

Some are supportive of any responsible recycling and will make the packaging available to you.

The DIY Plan:

  • Set up a deal with a polystyrene package user to set aside the used material for you.
  • Collect the used material
  • Process it into a useable form for insulating the ‘ship’

image001 (1)

image002 (2)

Collecting “Raw Material”. On this occasion Craig from TCs, already had the used boxes on a pallet, and ‘forked’ it onto the trailer for me.

The ute tray full of used “medical Packaging” from Clinpath

image003 (3)

image004 (1)

A finished “brick” and the tool kit necessary to make them

The “jig” (a used pallet) and the ‘high tech’ pressing equipment I use to make the slabs.

image005 (2)

image006 (1)

Showing how the “bricks” will be staked. This could be inside a wall, or laid out inside the ceiling

A pile of finised slabs awaiting ‘burieal’ into the earth berm

  • This process is a somewhat labour intensive process.
  • However, it will save you heaps.
  • It is very mentally rewarding as you impart TLC into each “brick” or “slab” you make.

My approach was to spend only a couple of hours daily when I had the spare time. The insulation required is rapidly accumulated.

We are currently preparing a video on the “how to” and will present it online soon.

BETTER: to learn full details of these construction techniques, it is best that you attend an onsite course.

Courses are available in USA through Michael Reynolds EarthShip Academy, and South Australia at EarthShip IronBank, and at our own EarthShip Fleurieu.

 Courses are detailed in the Education Centre Menu above on this site.