The certificate course is being formalised and is expected to be ready for launch 4Q 2016 or in 2017.

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This will be an exciting A to Z all-inclusive course on the EarthShip Fleurieu, EarthShips and Sustainable Design. It will include a segment on Permaculture and how the EarthShip blends with Zero Carbon living.

This will be for the serious “Shippers” and those serious about reducing our ‘Carbon and Environmental Footprint’ as individuals, as a community and as humanity.

This Certificate will involve Theoretical and Practical Work. We expect that approximately two thirds of it will be an intensive onsite period at EarthShip Fleurieu, with the balance being timed assignments.

Serious about ‘Ships’ and a Carbon Zero Footprint?

Take the plunge.

              Do your soul a favour.

                             We would love you to join us in this wonderful learning and doing experience.

The program details will be listed here once it is formalized.

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