AboutEarthShip Fleurieu


The idea of being independent and sustainable rose from listening to Robert Kiyosaki as he spoke earnestly about the very real potential of a severe market crash resulting in a Global Financial meltdown – AKA – Leman Brothers Failure.

What could, or would we do in such a situation if we were fully reliant on the existing system of Corporate Dominance?

The ideal of being debt free and independent was not only stimulating but necessary so we set it as a goal to make it happen. Also, the possibility of being in a position to support others, was very exciting.

These ideals lay dormant for over 10 years then suddenly the circumstances aligned to make the goal possible…….Interesting, the power of a goal!

  • Debt Free
  • Fully self-sustainable
  • Off grid
  • Close enough to visit and stay in touch with family and close friends
  • Abundance – available from changed priorities

The sustainable country property idea came first:

  • Organic production,
  • Zero carbon,
  • Off Grid,
  • Abundant and Independent Living.

This is now happening in the project we call “The Plentiful Barn” ( www.theplentifulbarn.com.au )

Robert Kiyosaki Project v2

Mike Reynolds v3A Major part of Mike Reynolds philosophy in his EarthShip development was to make it such that it would be simple and feasible for a person with no specialized construction skills to build.

Could we build our dream house, ourselves???

Then, with the understanding gained from being involved in an EarthShip Build, locally, with Marty Freney at EarthShip Iron Bank, the choice was easy.

Martin Freeny v3

The Plentiful Barn would be host for “EarthShip Fleurieu”. The blend was complete.

As the EarthShip Concept is relatively new to South Australia, it was way outside the ‘norm’ of conventional home building. So to avoid the ‘hurdle’ of financing the project, we sold our house to raise the necessary cash. [This should not be a limit to your thinking, as once “EarthShip Fleurieu” is a fully liveable, extremely functional home, it will be a blue print for others seeking finance.]

Rose and I will ‘project manage’ the build and there will be great opportunity for you, friends and others, who anticipate a future EarthShip build or who are interested in the concept, to come “play” with us and learn the necessary skills.