Q: What is an EarthShip?

A: Simply put, an EarthShip is a fully sustainable Off-Grid home that provides everything it needs to sustain itself. The EarthShip fills a significant niche in sustainable housing. In pure form it is constructed from everyday junk and recycled materials, with minimal use of and other locally sourced materials. It is a passive solar house design, with self-regulating temperature, free of infrastructure, and can be effectively located in almost any environment.

Q: Are there existing EarthShips built in South Australia, and greater Australia?

A: See ‘Links’ to ‘EarthShip Iron bank’ for and approved, almost competed ‘Ship’ in SA. For other Australian ‘Ships’ refer to EarthShip Australia, at http://www.earthshipaustralia.org.au/

Q: Why are you building an EarthShip?

A: We found that an EarthShip was the best house design to meet our ideals of Zero Carbon, Sustainability, ‘Off Grid’ living. It was the ideal way for us to express our convictions, using the biotecture principles to create the place where we would spend the majority of our time – our home.

Q: Did you get a mortgage for the build?

A: No! Our ideals included being debt free so we sold our house to make cash available. However, once our ‘ship’ is completed it will be a blueprint for others to use when seeking finance.

Q: What will you use for power?

A: Firstly, we will minimise the need for power by the passive design features and appliances we use in the ‘Ship’. The power we need will be generated from the sun and wind through solar panels and a turbine. A battery pack will store power for the odd, clouded, wind free days.

Q: How much will your EarthShip cost?

A: We have a budget of just over $200000, but expect to build the ‘Ship’ for less than that by prudent sourcing of local recycled materials and by doing the bulk of the labour ourselves. We plan to show the costs, as we go, in the ‘Engineering / Budget & Costing’ section of this website.

Q: Where will you get water?

A: All the water needed for living will be collected from the rain using the roof of the ‘Ship’. Obviously it will be stored in large tanks. Water for emergency use, i.e. firefighting, will also be collected onsite. The point of interest here is that the EarthShip design is very water efficient. Water is recycled and used up to four times. Accordingly, a ‘Ship’ will be self-sufficient in an annual rainfall of as little as 250 millimetres. At our site the annual rainfall is generally greater than 550mls, more than sufficient.

Q: Can I get help with an EarthShip designed in Australia to Australian Specs?

A: Yes! Refer to ‘EarthShip Eco Homes’ at http://www.earthshipecohomes.com.au/
‘EarthShip Ironbank’ was designed by EarthShip Eco Homes