Cooling & Heating – Air-conditioning:Harvested FREE

The EarthShip relies on a balance between the solar heat gain and the ability of the thermal mass of the tire walls and subsoil to transport and store heat.

Key components are:

  • The North facing glass house wall and vent.
  • The elevatedthermal vent.
  • The earth tubes running below ground level in the constant temperature zone (about 18oC in South Australia)
  • The living space densely insulated on all sides except north.

Heating the EarthShip: The building is oriented towards north (in Australia – they must face the equator) so that the front glass wall allows optimum exposure to the sun. The solar-oriented windows are set perpendicular to the winter sun rays, allowing the winter sun to heat the inside of the EarthShip, keeping the living space warm. The window angle allows for maximum winter heating, yet avoids the summer sun.

Cooling the EarthShip: The schematic below, from, shows how the ‘ship’ is cooled. No electricity or gas is required – the process is free and works on natural phenomenon.

The summer sun warms the glass house section and the specially designed vents set up a thermosiphon (Hot air rises) that causes the air to be sucked in and flow through the earth tubes into the living space and out through the vent.

As the warm external air is drawn through the earth tubes it is cooled and subsequently cools the living space.

Convection from WIKI