FREE energy from the sun and wind is readily available.

Solar panels and / or a wind turbine generate electricity which is used directly or stored in a battery wall for later use.

AC or DC?

An AC or a DC system can be used. Both are suitable and use generally reliable components. A hybrid, using a mixed AC / DC system is usually installed as the advantages of both systems can be beneficial.

Solar or Wind?

The “ideal” set-up, depends on the location of the ‘Ship’. And a hybrid of these also has some great advantages.

A typical Solar System is shown below, part of EarthShip IronBank.  The panels produce all the electricity need to operate the ‘Ship’, and aSolar Hot Water system produces hot water on tap.

Solar Panel
The options on how free solar and wind energy can be harvested and used to produce the comforts of modern livingare plentiful.

On EarthShip Fleurieu we will use a balanced mixture of Wind Turbine, Solar Panelsand a Solar HWS for energy production. We have ample summer and winter sun, and are blessed with pleasant sou’westers to produce turbine power in winter and at night.

A typical system, in simplicity, is shown below.

Simple System