Free Water: Personal use and Sanitation

When we are thirsty, one way of quenching our thirst is to collect and drink the free rain water that falls from the skies. Very Simple! This source of water is free of cost, and free from dependence on corporations and infrastructure.

Water Supply:

A connection to the public water system would cost around $4000, and an annual water utilization bill is around $1500. The ‘Ship’ is free of these costs.

The EarthShip is extremely efficient on water use. All water required is collected from rain gathered from the EarthShip roof and stored in large tanks. About 30,000lts is enough for a family for drinking, cleaning and washing.

In being ‘Off Grid’, another 25000 litres is collected and stored for safety / emergency. Hopefully this is never required but is available for the rare possibility of a fire.

The water can be recycled up to three times – depending on local laws – allowing it to be used four times before it returns to nature for the big natural recycle that occurs via evaporation, clouds and rain.

  • First use is Personal bathing, washing clothes, drinking etc. [Note: Grey water from dish washing may have a variation on its path back to nature.]
  • The Second usegrowingvegetables (and possibly fish) in the onsite wicking beds and ponds.
  • Third use is for flushing the toilets
  • The Fourth use is irrigation of external fruit, nuts and berry trees – more food production.

The picture below shows schematically the water path from rain, through the four stages out to external wicking beds (Botanic Cells) and its path back to nature again for natural recycle.

Water Utilization


The Unmentionables –Ablutions – are also handled by ‘The Ship’.

We all poo, but the utility companies have control of what happens next, and we pay for it in our sewerage bill.

We could ‘squat’ behind a tree; however, there are several Superior, User Friendly,Incredibly Hygienic, Off Grid Systems available.

In the eco-septic, the toilets are flushed using the rejuvenated water exiting wicking beds (Botanic Cells) then the processed effluent water is used to irrigate the fruit trees or the wood lot.

The composting toilet uses a very small water flush, or no water at all. The system runs under a very slightly negative pressure (caused by the Flue Fan) that ensures that the toilets are Odour Free and Hygienic. Natural bacteria break down the excrement into a solid “compost” which is excellent ‘tree food’for the nut, berry and fruit trees. This method has been successfully tried and proven over 4000 years of sustainable agriculture in the ‘Eastern” world.

Other Off Grid options include the Worm Farm Waste System. This is a variation of the eco-septic utilizing worms to ‘digest’ the human excrement into usable liquid and solid fertilizer, which has excellent nutrient qualities and is best used on the fruit trees or on the CO2 absorbing wood lot.