An EarthShip captures all the natural cycles and phenomenon of nature to create a living space that is unique in architecture. The house is alive. It is sustainable, low in energy consumption and comfortable.

This ‘living entity’, essentially made from junk and locally acquired materials, is unique in character with the following wonderful advantages:

  1. BedroomSustainable IS NOT primitive. A well-built EarthShip is a pristine living space, comfortable, exciting, and full of amenities.
  1. Primarily, the “Ship” offers a beautiful, comfortable, sheltered living space that gives warmth in winter, and a cool environment in summer.
  1. However, it does help solve disposal problems of used products; used tyres, polystyrene boxes, glass that would otherwise be dumped, ‘empties’, drink cans, and much moreHP image v9
  2. Free food is produced in the Atrium. The inclusion of flowers, herbs and plants offering flavours and aromas willarouse your senses. As an added bonus, an aquarium can be added as your supply of edible fish.
  1. Rain is collected and recycled three times (it gets used four times – personal use, growing food, flushing the toilet, irrigation of fruit, nut and berry trees – before it is sent back to the heavens from whence it came)
  1. The “Ship” harvests solar and wind energy, away from the clutches of the bill sending utility companies. There is no payment for power or gas.
  1. It can be very economical to build, and if you are prepared to be owner/builder it can be far cheaper than a conventional home.
  1. It will change your mind about how we are unsustainably devouring the planet. A ‘Ship’ will demonstrate how housing can be both beautiful and beneficial to the environment. With these new thoughts it will expand our minds to rethink many of today’s wasteful ways.
  1. It is Off grid, independent, free. All the basic needs of humanity are provided with NO monthly bills.
  1. All these add up to allowing us to be in a position where we can focus our time on doing what we love, practicing love and bettering the world around us.

This picture below, from Wikipedia, is marvellous in helping to explain the workings of the ‘Ship’.

The sun facing, specifically angled, windows(north facing in Australia) capture the winter sun, and minimise the summer sun.

Convection from WIKI

This solar energy, which is the substance of life, allows the atrium to be:

  • A suitable growing arena all year around.
  • A ‘heat pump’ to drive air circulation for heating and cooling.
  • A source of warmth to heat the thermal mass built into the compacted earth tyre walls.

Key components of the design are:

  1. The North facing glass house wall and vent.
  2. The thermal vent is elevated
  3. The earth tubes running below ground level in the constant temperature zone (about 18oC in South Australia)
  4. The living space is densely insulated on all sides except north.

In winter, the solar-oriented windows that are set perpendicular to the winter sun rays, allow the winter sun to heat the inside of the EarthShip, keeping the living space warm. The angle of windowallows for maximum winter heating, yet avoids the summer sun.

In summer the ‘Ship’ is cooled. No electricity or gas are required. The process is free and works on natural phenomenon.The summer sun warms the glass house section and the specially designed vent, setting up a thermosiphon (Hot air rises) that causes the air to be ‘sucked’ in through the ‘Earth Tubes’, into the living space and out through the elevated vent.

As the warm external air is drawn through the earth tubes it is cooled and subsequently cools the living space.

See the following six sections in the Off Grid menu for more specific details on how this living entity will change your thinking and your life.

  • Free Water and Sanitation
  • Free Power
  • Infrastructure
  • Free Air Conditioning
  • EarthShip Food
  • Transport