The Information Technology Team

We proudly present our Web Development Team of JULIE NORTON and ROSANIE TUNACAO



You have already ‘met’ JULIE throughout the various pages of this site. She is a Major Sponsor and Contributor in the development of ‘EarthShip Fleurieu’ and ‘The Plentiful Barn’ projects.

Julie is greatly appreciated for her input as a Friend, a Crew member and Major Sponsor.

More info on Julie is shown in the sections “THE CREW” and “SPONSORS”.





Behind the scene we have ROSANIE TUNACAO, our precious web constructor.

Rosanie is the IT Wiz who brings all of our ideas and stories to life on the web pages.

Rosanie lives in Cebu City, The Philippines, and yes guys, she has a boyfriend!

On the technical side, she graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Rosanie has been in the IT industry for 5 years.

Although her specialty is SEO development, web development is a particular interest as you can see by her creativity throughout our web site.

In her non-working hours, Rosanie is mobile and loves traveling for adventure.

She enjoys swimming to keep fit.