Prelude to the Tour.

As we embark on this Tour of the Ship, let your imagination run wild, and see, smell and hear the living Ship in action.

See the beauty and joy of the plants growing in their ideal environment. Smell nature’s aromatherapy flowing from the succulent plants and colourful flowers, inhale and taste the oxygen-rejuvenated atmosphere the plants give off, and hear the whispers of the living inhabitants as they create a most welcoming place to be.

The Kitchen

The kitchen will be ergonomically designed, via wise use of space and will containing low energy appliances. It will be somewhat rustic in appearance.

To align with our philosophy of maximum “recycle” we will also ‘recycle’ proven and functional designs by early design adventurers. What a smorgasbord of information we can find on the net!

Inspiration for the design and layout comes from views like these. It will be fun putting it all together.


The dining room will be open space from the kitchen and will host our much used and loved homemade family table. This is like an heirloom that entered our last home of 45 years, the day we did. And it is still grand.


Left: The table top on the trailer, “following” us around.

Note, the new polished end. “She” had to be somewhat modified to fit in to our temporary residence.

Right: The table in “work” mode, making Herself useful as She awaits the move to the Ship in 2016.


The whole kitchen/dining area will be complimented with a huge pantry, come storage area, enabling the cooking/eating area to be nicely uncluttered.