The use of glass bottles is an integral component in traditional EarthShipbuilding.

  • Glass bottles can be used for both internal and external walls.
  • Using glass bottlesisthe efficient recycling of a waste material
  • Glass bottles are readily available
    • They are cost effective
    • They can add a rare beauty and really enhance your ‘ship’.
    • OR the bottles can be used simply as “filler” in wall construction.
    • ………….See the photo on the right!

The “bottle brick” is part of the persona of the traditional ‘Ship’.

 Bottle 2
  • They are easily made
  • They are colourful and unique
  • Their use is only limited to your imagination and creativity


An ‘ornate’ use of bottles in the wall of an EarthShip bedroom

Making the bricks is an easy process but will consume some time.

Part 1: Preparation.

  • Decide where the glass bricks will be used by preparing a rough layout pattern. This will enable you to determine the colour and length of the bricks you need.
  • Calculate how many of each size and colour you need.
  • Collect twice that many bottles
  • Purchase or borrow a tile cutting wheel. Set the wheel up in a safe, ventilated and well drained area to collect the glass slurry produced. (this can be added as a low percentage component of the render you will need.)
  • Purchase several rolls of ‘duct tape’
  • Safety: gloves, goggles and hearing protection.
 Bottle 3

Part 2: Cutting & Making

  • Each brick is made of two half bottles. The neck portion is cut off.
  • Measure from the base of the bottle half the length you require of the finished brick. This is the cut off line.
  • Cut the two bottles. Be mindful to recycle the top section, preferably by using it as “filler” in your construction.
  • Place the two cut ‘bottoms’ of the bottles open end together, and secure as a brick with the duct tape.
  • Make the number and colour of bricks your build requires.

………… See examples of finished bricks at right

 Bottle 4

Bottle 5

NOTE: much of this information can be sought from the internet, but we have made it readily available here for your convenience.

For more information, see the following video ….. gives a reasonably good account of the making of glass bottle bricks.

BETTER: to learn full details of these construction techniques, it is best that you attend an onsite course.

Courses are available in USA through Michael Reynolds EarthShip Academy, and South Australia at EarthShip IronBank, and at our own EarthShip Fleurieu.

 Courses are detailed in the Education Centre Menu above on this site.