This is a chronological listing of project mile stones.

The MOST CURRENT event will always be added to the top of the list.





Day 1


December 16th2015

Finally, settlement is complete! We are very excited.




Still waiting.

Every journey will eventually be complete!

The series of delays caused by boundary re-alignment, completion of new fencing, civil works, Council agreement and ratification by the Land Tittles Office must be over soon!




Preliminary discussion with the EPA on obtaining a permit to use “Used” tyres for the Thermal walls on the EarthShip build.




Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!




Started accumulating “recycled” materials for the ‘EarthShip Build’ including

  • Glass
  • Pallets
  • Styrene Foam (insulation)
  • Tools, Tractor, implements and more




Waiting for settlement




Preliminary discussion with the Yankalilla Council regarding building an EarthShip on the Tonto Road site.




Attended an EarthShip training with Marty Freney at ‘EarthShip Ironbank’



July 10th 2015

Signed a purchase contract to buy Lot 10, Tonto Road, Normanville.



Pre July 2015

We spent around six months searching for the ideal site for our eco home and organic farm.



Before that!

The ideal of living Off Grid, fully Sustainable, being Eco Friendly, leaving a Zero Carbon Footprint lived within us.