You wouldn’t knowingly, or purposefully, contaminate and pollute perfectly good chlorinated, fluoridated, potable drinking water by crapping and weeing into would you?  Especially when billions of people do not have a supply of safe drinking water. This act would be insanity!!!

Ooops! You do it every day, and in fact you are forced by law to do exactly that! (Well you are where we live!) There are great alternatives to doing this, and we have chosen one; we use Composting Toilets?

Onsite we will have at least three composting toilets. One in the living zone, one for the construction team and one in the farm working area. They are extremely Sanitary, Odour Free, Carbon ZERO, produce a very valuable commodity (fertilizer) and are very economical.

Toilet v2

Why Composting?


Why ‘excrete’ directly into potable water? …. We really need to rethink this obsession we have in the ‘West’. In the world today there are billions of people who still lack regular access to clean drinking water. Defecating into high quality drinking water strikes us as the height of insanity. Composting toilets provide an alternative. Not only do they avoid the need to defecate into drinking quality water, they require almost no water at all.

Carbon Zero 1: (Energy Efficiency)

Composting toilets require very little energy, and can even be made largely from recycled materials as we have done.  Existing WC sewerage systems require a huge amount of energy to create and operate.

Carbon Zero 2:

Chemically manufactured fertilisers require considerable fossil energy to be produced. This is used in mining, a chemical plant, then transportation of the manufactured fertilizer over huge distances.

But not homemade compost; it is fertiliser.

Water Pollution:

Composting our excrement ensures that none of it enters our water systems, rivers or the sea, as many global municipal systems do.


  • It makes good economic sense to recycle dung, (human and animal), as fertilizer, instead of buying a expensive, unsustainable, chemically manufactured product that is deleting our natural resources.
  • It also makes good economic sense to seriously reduce your water utility bill OR even better, to collect the rain from the heavens for free.
  • On a macro scale, if everyone used composting toilets, new subdivisions could be built without sewer infrastructure.

Compost Image

Obviously, many of us are compelled by outdated laws to use a WC and have no readily available alternative. But that doesn’t change the insanity of our current system. The law must change soon, as even in the greatest country in the world, Australia, we are running out of water and are being burdened by extremely high water utility costs.

When you visit us, do the moral thing and deposit a ‘load’ in one of our composting loos. The fruit trees will love you.