To support our goal of a Zero Carbon Footprint, we have purchased and are developing a fully electric powered vehicle – an EV. The base is a 2004 model Toyota Eco.

Not only will we have an electric vehicle, but we will also have solar and wind generated recharging facilities.  This means that this part of our transportation will be fully powered Off Grid with absolutely ZERO CO2 emission. Very economical hey?

This is our ‘baby’.

EV Toyota



We have Mic Chapman of MiCycles, one of Adelaide’s leading EV specialists helping us, so our baby is in good hands



Find Mic at:

Mike Cycles

Address: 32A George St, Thebarton SA 5031
Phone: 0424 569 317

Unfortunately, EVs do have some limitations. The main one is range, which willinitially be limited to around 120km. This is perfect for all local travel, and for visiting friends.

However, we do have lots of heavy loads to haul onsite that are well beyond our little baby. Can you imagine ‘baby’ attached to a 10 x 5 tandem trailer with two ton of materials loaded on it?

We can’t either so we must keep our diesel powered 4X4 to do the ‘grunt’ work.

We truly appreciate that the 4X4 will generate considerableCO2 so we need a big Carbon Sink to absorb it all (and more).

Our Carbon ‘Sink’.

Onsite, we are preserving and tending our 25-acre natural forest.

Further we are adding at least 1500 more native trees and scrub through the ‘Trees for Life’ program. These trees are currently in seedling stage and will be planted out at the first drenching rains next autumn or winter.

And, don’t discount the 150 plus fruit trees that will be grown for The Plentiful Barn Harvest.

Fruit Trees