Pallets are readily available, cheap (often free) and very versatile.




note that all pallets are NOT identical; you will need to select the style or styles that are suitable for your particular DIY project



Below are just some of the practical uses of pallets in the EarthShip build, or around the EarthShip area.

  • Used to stack as a working platform (Scaffold replacement – but make sure you meet OH&S requirements) Ideal for working platforms for building your tyre walls.

Pallet 2

Pallet 3

  • They are great and easy for walkways / paths construction ….. especially temporary access through mud and slippery areas

Pallet 4

  • Fire wood storage OR animal shelter

Pallet 5

  • Cladding for walls or ceilings (Also great recycling opportunity for the inside of your EarthShip.)

Pallet 6

  • Simple storage units / shelves /containers for your ‘ship’ and garden.

Pallet 7

  • Bigger uses in Architecture / Design / Decking / Stairs

Pallet 8

  • They are ideal, easy and attractive when used for fencing &corrals

Pallet 9

  • Furniture – Why not? The DIYers dream material for EarthShip furniture.

Pallet 10

  • AND you can actually use them for storage, and for transporting materials around your EarthShip build site.

Pallet 11

  • Last but by no means least, the pallet offcuts are ideal for the wood stove, or chiminea.

BETTER: to learn full details of these construction techniques, it is best that you attend an onsite course.

Courses are available in USA through Michael Reynolds EarthShip Academy, and South Australia at EarthShip IronBank, and at our own EarthShip Fleurieu.

 Courses are detailed in the Education Centre Menu above on this site.