We are excited about the experience (or lack of it) you have in ‘off grid’ living, a carbon zero footprint site, solar & wind energy production, permaculture & organic produce, frugal living and much more.

You are probably interested in gathering information from our very expansive “kit” on these topics; that’s why you are reading the WWOOFing section

We would love to hear and learn from you, have you stay onsite and contribute, share your ‘gems with us and load up on the wealth of ours.


We see WWOOFing as a very valuable way to share our knowledge, and have our learnings spread wide and far.



WWOOFing at “EarthShip Fleurieu” and “The Plentiful Barn” is a little while off, but please register your interest to share in what we have.

Register Now and give us an idea of what your needs are:

  • ·Casual WWOOFing visits
  • WWOOFing as a Farm Hand
  • Extended WWOOFing onsite


  • EarthShips
  • Solar & wind power production




  • Other ……..give us your thoughts ……….


Register Interest
Other opportunities to come onsite will be on offer as a guest or participant in our Open Days, and in our proposed B&B. Check these out in this same section and register your interest.